Process Transparency

In order to get the fastest and most accurate results we’ve put together a streamlined process that efficiently moves your product samples through our laboratory in the shortest amount of time possible.

A Message From Our CEO

The Benefits of Now

At first we saw ourselves as a bit behind in our launch timing. Now we are grateful for the time we had to open the most advanced lab possible. With no grey market legacy and the ability to install only the fastest and most up-to-date equipment, CERESLabs sets the standard in the cannabis lab space. Contact us today and let’s get testing!

Sachin Barot

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Testing Services

CERESLabs provides exceptional analytical testing services for all licensed participants in the cannabis industry. Tests include cannabinoid profiling, microbiological screening, pesticide screening, terpene analysis and more. We offer tests and services designed to ensure that cannabis products meet all regulatory guidelines in the state of California. We also offer consulting services to drive ROI in all facets of the Client’s business.

Cannabis Testing Lab

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